Sunday 6 March 2011

I need a wig....

coz I have precious little hair left after doing battle with this......

Even I had no idea just how confused I could get trying to get all those darned angles going in the right direction!

This block did teach me a lot though.  Like.... make sure your ears are correctly aligned before sewing triangles!  Ears as in the tips of the triangles that shoot out over the fabric you are attaching them to... not your ears.   Just as a point of interest my 'real' ears are not in correct alignment.  Causes no end of problems when I put my glasses on.  The jaunty angle they sit at makes me look permanently drunk.  For the record... I am not!

Now I have another dilemma.   What to do with this little lot.....

There is a whole heap of Moda Patisserie here.  Two jelly rolls worth plus border fabric. 

It was to have been a quilt for my mother.    She chose the Friendship Braid pattern on the front cover of this book..... it required one Jelly Roll.

Now... you don't know my mother like I do.   She changes her mind like she changes her socks.... daily! 

What started out as a cover for a single bed rapidly expanded to the point where I was certain she wanted a  family sized Yurt instead.    A second Jelly Roll was purchased plus extra border fabric.   Bet you can guess what's coming next...... she changed her mind!!  Changed her colour scheme to blue and decided the quilt/yurt didn't match any more!!! 

If I even hint that I'm going to make her a blue quilt...... shoot me!!

Back to my dilemma..... I don't like friendship braid!   So I need to get my thinking cap on and figure out what to do with all the braid bits that are already cut and those that are already sewn.   Something with a whole lot of 2 1/2" squares I think. 

I love this pattern......

 Fresh Vintage Issue 13 from Fig Tree Quilts

I'm wondering how it might look if I made nine patch blocks instead of the plain ones.  Hummmmm......
decisions... decisions.   A bit messy?  O.T.T?  Dresden's and nine patch?

If you have read this far and have an opinion one way or the other please help me out.  I could grow whiskers in the time it takes me make the decision.   Oh.... I already have whiskers.... a beard then!!

I leave you with this......

I'm still working on it.... slowly

Till next time...

Josie X


happydaysquilting said...

I think that a nine patch and the dresdens would look lovely in that moda fabric, it would add interest to the oiginal pattern or you could use that moda fabric to make yourself an awesome hat to cover up your hair loss LOL.
The block that caused you so much grief does look great very crisp and sharp, and the WIP progress looks lovely!

Lynda said...

Your block turned out so great. Worth all the hair pulling! I often say that my eyebrows are falling out...but not going far...just migrating to my upper lip!

Anonymous said...

Wowsers! I love that block! I hope the wig is a nice one... is your hair going to grow back before you need to start ripping it out again with the next hard to do block?! ;) Good on you for getting it done. It does look awesome!! Ohh... your Vignette is coming along nicely! Well done! :)

Q said...

Firstly congratulations on your gorgeous all grain lined up fab block!

I am making myself a quilt from a Pam Lintott book - getting there - fear of geese thing - They are too big to make with the mini fit to be geese ruler.

Pam Lintott has a 12month jelly roll sampler quilt online right now that will be available for free till the end of March - not sure how big or small the pieces in it are. - on her site

My mum, incidentally, also a fan of the braided one.

If you think 9 patch and dresdens would be too much change the dresdens to maybe just an appliqued flower or just a circle?
though because they are not crazy 20 petal dresdens or anything, I am sure it would look lovely anwyay.

and your Vignette block looks adorable!