Monday 28 March 2011

Blogger...... we have a problem!

.Seriously...... there is some sort of problem with Blogger interaction with Internet Explorer at the moment which is stopping photographs from appearing directly on blog posts.

The photographs are there and all you have to do to see them is click on the box with a 'dot' in it and they'll appear.  You need to do this with each photo I'm afraid.

I've been holding back posting hoping that the problem gets fixed but no joy so far.    

Here's the post I wrote yesterday.   


How much fabric do you need.......

this much apparantly!

If you're thinking about starting Homespun's new "My Town"  BOM..... don't panic!!    You don't really need all this.  It's just the pattern says to use additional fabric scraps from your own stash.  Seems that once I start digging around for potentially useful fabrics this is how much gets pulled out!

Really..... am I going to need even a tenth of this!

Yesterday.... I decided to take a break from playing catch up with my Vignette stitching to play with fabric and Steam a Seam.  Started out well....

Spent a lot of time standing in front of this......

Too much time.  My back is killing me. Funny how you don't notice achy bones when you're having fun.  It's only when you stop you discover the bits that hurt.

Things got a bit messy......

 But I carried on regardless till finally......

I can assure you the gal on the right does have a head!!  Is it just me or does it really take hours to choose select fabric... trace.. cut... fuse etc   Now there's an awful lot of blanket stitching to do.  I'm going to have to really speed up the stitching now.

You can hardly see it but I have put one sewing machine in the store window.  It's not very noticeable right now because it's white.   I just don't like the old fashioned black machines in the pattern.  I'm not too sure if I'm going to have the 'girls' carrying their machines either.  I plan to stitch some details in red on the machine in the window.  Maybe it's a Bernina!


OK.... that's Sunday taken care of now for this morning.

Today I get to visit a quilt shop.   I'm taking my mum to the station in Carlisle and I couldn't possibly drive all that way (2 hours each way)  without popping in to the only quilt store for miles now could I.

It's called Quilt Essentials and it's inside a really nice converted barn.  There's a cafe  there too so I might just have to forget the diet and treat myself to a Latte.... oh joy!   They don't have a web site I can link with but if I ask nicely maybe they'll let me take a couple of photo's to show you.

I'd better get going then.

Sorry for the hassle with photo's
Till next time.....

Josie X

P.S......   The photo problem is solved!!    I just found a 'fix' on Blogger help forums.  Worked a treat.  Blogger say the problem has now been fixed at their end and won't happen again.... good news. 

Josie  X


Lynda said...

Oh I know what you mean. I have a back ache from sewing all day Saturday on a dress for my granddaughter. I now remember why I don't enjoy sewing clothing but much prefer making quilts!

Love the flowers on your bag from your last post. It's going to be so cute.

Q said...

I keep looking at that Homespun BOM and wondering if I should do that as well... I love the magazine and have been stalking my poor newsagent the last few months waiting for the newest copies to hit the shelves. [I don't want to subscribe, because sometimes you get handouts in the newsagent that are not included in the subscription - like back issues of other magazines.]

I finally received my Vignette Fabrics and thread last night so I will be able to start that soon. Hopefully sometime over the weekend.

I really despise ironing... I tolerate it when I am stitching because it helps pretty, but otherwise i tend to walk in a very wide arc to avoid them, you know just in case something needs ironing tee hee.

I don't think your sewing area looks messy at all! I now have this vision of you dustbusting after every seam you stitch :D to keep it all so pretty

Q said...

*scoffs* maybe they should say 1 comment, 1 commentary now... sorry so long

Tilly said...

Love the new BOM. Its looking gorgeous. Is the one on the right me, with no head cos you've picked my brains so much that my empty skull has collapsed. LOL. Hugs XX