Sunday 29 January 2012

Nearly there......

I'm so close to finishing Butterfly Garden I can hardly contain myself.  But I will try.

I fixed the problems on Block 8 and made a really determined effort on Block 9 this past week.    How about these then....

Go on... count them!    There's 9 mini blocks and they're all finished.  They are... really.  I don't blame you for doubting me.   I can't believe it myself.   I did them all in one week.  Gobsmacking eh.  I've never worked so fast before.

I spent this morning piecing and pressing.....

So that I could show you the finished quilt.   OK... I still have to add the borders but that's the easy part...right.   Here is it in all it's glory.   Star of my design wall......

I confess that this is the very first BOM that I've almost finished.   Yep... I'm good at collecting them but not so good at getting them done.     Heck... I just remembered I have to quilt it now.   That's brought me back down to earth with a bang.

That means I've got to get to grips with this dastardly contraption!   It's time to face my fear.   2012 is the year I will master the art of quilting using this frame.      Maybe this week but don't hold your breath.

Since I last posted I haven't had a minute to myself.   OK... that's a blatant exaggeration but you know what I mean.   I've been flitting here and there like a demented butterfly never still long enough to get anything done.   I spent all of what little time I had working on BG so's I'd have something worthwhile to blog about. 

You should see the bags under my eyes from burning the midnight oil.  You could carry a months groceries home in them with room to spare.   Not pretty.   The price of commitment eh.   On the plus side I've watched a lot of episodes of ER.   I started out with 66 and now I'm down to 31 episodes.   Do you think I'm obsessive?

I'm awarding myself some me time this week.   Lovely time to have a cup of tea (or three) and play in blogland till my hearts content.   Can't wait to see what you've all been up to.  I get serious withdrawal symptoms when there's no time to surf.

Thursday last week Tina came to spend the day with me.    Guess what..... she's caught the bug and started a quilt!!!   She knits.... she paints... she makes gorgeous cards but now she's making these....

and she's making a superb job of stitching them.   Way to go Tina!!!   Actually Tina is a nurse so I guess she's used to stitching things up delicately.    She's using monofilament (invisible) thread.  That stuff has a mind of it's own.   Not the easiest thread to use.   But there's not a stitch in sight.   Her hexies are so perfect a gal can feel herself turning green.

Kitty has been and gone and guess who forgot to take photographs of the projects she worked on.   She was obviously too polite to remind me to get my camera out.    As usual she sewed up a storm... while I whinged solidly while making a complete muck up of everything I touched.    To be fair... I only whinged for one day but it felt like a lifetime... at the time. 

Kitty went home with a completed Advent Calendar.   Rebecca the Rabbit... a DMC kit she's had on her 'to do' list since Adam was a boy.  And a Pat Archibald kit.... a Poppy wallhanging.   Tilly made one just like it when she visited a while back.    Sorry I've no photo's to show you.  I promise to be more on the ball next time.

Before I go I  have to tell you that it's almost my Bloggy Birthday.... 3rd February is the big day!   I can't believe a year has past since I dipped my toe in the surf.  To celebrate I'm going to have another giveaway. So don't forget to pop by and put your name in the hat.... someone will get lucky.

OK... I'd better get going.   I've still got a lot of ER to what can I stitch tonight......

See you soon..... hope you're having fun


Tuesday 17 January 2012

Why me?

I really don't know what I did to deserve this......

I promise it's not the same photo I showed you last week.   I did finish all three mini blocks.  The heart is appliqued.  The butterfly is appliqued and the wording and flowers stitched.  The centre of the daisy is finished too.    I thought I'd cracked it.   Then I spotted the error of my ways.

I'd pieced the bottom block wrongly!    The centre of the block needed to be turned through 90 degrees.  That meant taking off the side strips and re making the block.    I'm almost finished doing that... as you can see.

Then....   I noticed the darned daisy block.   I'd only done the exact same thing with that hadn't I!

The daisy needs to turn 90 degrees too which means I have to make that block again.  I can't believe it.  Just when I thought I was finally on the homeward stretch. 

It's not all bad news though.   There is a yellow daisy mini block in block 9 which is the right way round to use this block.   So... on the bright side I've already made a start on the final block.

Does that sound like complete gobbledygook to you?

This is how Butterfly Garden is looking tonight.....

I haven't had much time to sew this past week.   I mentioned I planned to decorate the kitchen last Wednesday.... well I did.  Not only that but I've sorted out the cupboards and cleared out loads of junk too. I'd give myself a pat on the back but it's way too stiff and sore tonight.

Today I took a car load and trailer full of rubbish to the local recycling centre (dump).    I finally managed to persuade Mac to part with a rusty old wreck of a cement mixer..... oh joy!    Two of his stickmaking pals lifted it onto the trailer for me so all I had to do was get it off at the other end.   Easier said than done.   I took a big old recliner chair too.  A heap of old carpet.   Some ancient plastic garden chairs and various defunct electrical goods.  Not to mention a lot of old dinner plates etc that Chris calls my 'Chip'endale crockery.   Guess it got noticibly old.  Overall  I got rid of a LOT of stuff.  

I did manage to find an attendant to help me unload the cement mixer but that was as far as he was prepared to go...wimp!   I wrestled with everything else myself.   Hence..... I don't have a body part that isn't aching right now.  I do feel very smug though which makes the pain almost pleasurable (yeh... right). 

I'm off to the hairdressers for a much needed hair cut tomorrow.   I look like a very old and cranky Yorkshire Terrier right now.   I'm hoping that Ralph (who hasn't had the pleasure of me before) can wave his magic scissors and turn me into a human being again.  

YUKKKKKKK...... Licky Lou just brought me a present.  A nice juicy slug.  Where did she get the idea my keyboard was the perfect place to present it!!    Hang on a minute......

Ok.... the slug is back in the garden where it belongs.   That wasn't fun.  It's windy... raining.... cold and very creepy in the pitch dark out there. 

Back to sewing and the BOM Cold Turkey plan.    Notice I did list all my BOM's for you to see.  Actually... I just realised there is another that I haven't listed  yet..... that will bring the count to 17.   I really have been sinning..... for a very long time!    Can anyone out there beat my total?  Come on.  Own up!

Have stitched some Tailfeathers this week .... this is the first stitchery of the first block.  Long way still to go then. 

Good news.... Kitty arrives on Friday for a long weekend.   I'm counting on her to whip me into a sewing frenzy.  If she can do that the world is my hamster!   No pressure Kitty.... if you're reading this.

I'd better go.   I need my nightly fix of ER and tonight..... I think I deserve it.

See you very soon....... until then have a great time doing whatever takes your fancy...


Monday 9 January 2012

Cold Turkey!

I'm not talking about leftovers from Christmas dinner.  I'm talking about 'going cold turkey'!   I have a serious addiction and there is only one solution to my problem..... BOM Boot Camp!

I have got to reduce my stash of BOM's by at least 50% before the heap collapses and I'm crushed under the weight!     Tall order I know but I'm going to give it my best shot.    I'm making a start with Leanne Beasley's Butterfly Garden.   Ok... it's a bit of a cheat because I'm close to finishing it anyway but I think the satisfaction of ticking one off my list quickly will provide enough instant gratification to spur me on to tackle the others.... and there are plenty of them!

This is how my second from last block looks tonight.....

These are the mini blocks I need to finish....

The daisy needs a centre.   The pink spot needs to become an applique heart and the blue fabric a butterfly.  A few words to stitch then I can put the block together and start on Block 9.... the final one!   

Now I admit... you've seen it all before.    Remember ages ago I made a pledge with Nicky to finish Butterfly Garden along with her and to start A Gardeners Journal (that isn't really a BOM but I did promise to do it).    This time it will be different.   This time I will prove that I'm not just all mouth and no trousers.....(fingers/eyes/toes crossed).

I'm going to make a list of all my sins (the BOM kind) and put it up on this blog for you all to see.  Maybe you'll find one or two of your guilty little secrets there.  Feel free to confess.

OK.... now I have to ask you.   Is this the ugliest teddy bear in the world?

He's called Big Ted(!) and he belongs to Mac!    He's was brought to my little operating theatre for a much needed nose job.   Not that it's made much of a difference to his looks.  I didn't take any before pictures but I can tell you that his snout had lost all of it's stuffing.   Flat as a pancake it was.  Made him look like he'd just lost an argument with a brick wall.

Now the 'after' photo.......

Be honest..... have you ever seen a teddy bear with such a long hooter?    His flat head doesn't do him any favours either but I can't improve that..... it's already stuffed to busting.   A toupee could improve his looks but I don't think they make whole body ones.

Surgery was declared a resounding success.   Both patient and Mac are very happy with the end result.... bless em!! 

Well... it's January and I'm nesting!!    Don't worry I'm not pregnant.  My eggs are way too far over the use by date for that.... phew!!    Spring has sprung early in my soul and I have an insatiable urge to clean and re feather my little abode. 

As I didn't want a personal Christmas present this year Mac agreed I could choose 'home' gifts instead.   Off I went on a little shopping trip and came home with...... a Grecian Urn.  A Shabby Chic Clock.  A Tiffany Lamp.  An Arabian Rug.  A tin of paint and a picture of Chickens!!    All I can say is.... there is no accounting for taste.... or lack of it!! 

I couldn't resist these chickens.  They remind me of Mac and me.... strutting our stuff! 

I have high hopes for the 'Fresh Stem' paint too.  It's for my kitchen makeover.... on the cards for Wednesday. 

Better leave you in peace now.   I have a date with the TV and a glass of Aussie Red tonight.  While I was sick I couldn't be bothered with television  and now I find I have  66 episodes of ER to catch up on!!   That's right 66!!  This could take a while.  Thank goodness it's a good 'stitching' programme.

I'll get to work on that BOM list tomorrow so don't forget to pop back and check it out.   Confess your sins to me and I promise I'll accept you for the fool dedicated albeit misguided stitcher you are.   It takes one to know one!

Have a stupendous week....

See ya soon...


Monday 2 January 2012

It's a new dawn....

it's a new day.... it's a new year and I'm feeling good!!    The Battle of the Bug is almost over and I'm itching for stitching again.

First on my list of things to do for 2012 is to say a very big THANK YOU to two special people....
Jeanette for making these lovely swap goodies for me and to Chookyblue  for all her hard work making the swap happen.   You ROCK girls!!

My new bag is hanging in my craft room making me smile every time I look at it.   It'll have it's first outing soon.    My quilt store loyalty cards are snug in the little coin purse and the note book will remind me of what I need to look out for on my next quilty shopping expedition.      Wow!!   I had a great first swap.

Now I can show you the swap gift I sent to Sue

I'm so relieved she liked it!     It's a mix of wool and cotton with some needleturn and some fused applique.  My blanket stitching really benefited from all the practise.   Oh... it's a wall hanging in case you were wondering.

I'm already looking forward to 2012 SSCS!    Way to go Chooky!!

Because I was steamrollered into submission by the BUG this last couple of weeks.... nothing much has happened around here.    I did try my hand at crocheting a dog....

OK... hands up everyone who thought it was a pear!!    Well it's not... it's a dog.... right!    If you still don't believe  me take a look at the pattern at Twinklekids Etsy store.     I chose the sheep.... pony and of course the dog.   Aren't they cute! 

Must admit my first attempt at an Amigurumi dogs nose has turned the air blue in here.   Tilly is visiting at the moment and is 'doing a dog' too.    We've discovered we can cuss in harmony!! 

In between tending to my every need and mopping my fevered brow Tilly taught me how to make these too....  just to cheer me up.

Wasn't that nice of her.   The two on the left were made by Tilly and the two on the right are my first attempt at beading.    Just for the record they  are NOT mismatched earrings.     They are stitch markers for crochet.   After loosing the count (and the plot) so many times we decided markers might be a good idea so we made our own.    How neat is that.   The only downside is I'll be hoovering up beads from the carpet till the end of time.
Before I shuffle off back to my recliner I'd like to wish you all a very happy 2012 indeed.   Hope the year brings you happiness and fulfilment and of course a little bit of prosperity would go down a treat too.
Take care.....
see ya soon...