Thursday 20 March 2014

Catching Up - Part 1

Time to say goodbye........

Early Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago Licky Lou woke me up in obvious distress.  I rushed her to the vet who diagnosed a blood clot blocking the circulation to her rear legs.   Fortunately we got there in time for the vet to begin treating her with clot busting drugs and pain killers for her sudden paralysis but sadly..... despite all his best efforts and hers too..... she wasn't able to recover.

The sewing room is so empty without her.  

Licky was 'one of the girls'.    She never missed a sewing day and never missed her share of the boiled ham Chris and Sally brought for lunch either.   She contributed a little something to all our projects in the form of her 'signature' black fluff.  

I miss our daily love fests........

Lou loved to cuddle and kiss and I count myself so lucky to have been the recipient of her affections for the last 16 years.

Love you Lou Lou......


I'll be back very soon with part 2  - the sewing update.