Monday 27 February 2012

Whatever happened to willpower?

Don't ask me!     I obviously haven't got any.

On Friday Chris and I headed up to Edinburgh to meet up with Tilly and Kitty for a day at the Spring Quilt Show.   The whole journey up there we chatted about how there was nothing we really needed  and that we really couldn't see ourselves spending any money at all! 

So it's totally amazing that I came home with these....  isn't it?

I fell in love with the jelly roll the moment I clapped eyes on it (where have I heard that before)  it's Redwork Renaissance by Chloe's Closet.     

Then I just happened upon this book.  It seems like everyone is making this quilt and I hate being left out of anything...

I've been holding off from buying it  for ages.  Really.... I deserve some credit for that.   Indeed if Kitty hadn't succumbed and bought a copy  I might have been able to hold out a little while longer.   I am planning to make the quilt from stash... so that makes getting the book not half so bad... doesn't it?

Have to admit that I only have myself to blame for the strip roll finding it's way into my bag.   Well it is Japanese Taupes and who can resist those.    One quilt I visit regularly to drool over is Leanne Beasley's 'Down in the Garden' made using Taupes by Solveig in Norway.   If you haven't seen it click on her name and go take a look.... it's gorgeous!   You know I just happen to have the pattern in my BOM's to do don't you! 

Well... once my credit card hit fresh air I was on a roll.    It took me all of one nanosecond to grab this....

A new book from Susan Briscoe..... not expensive either.   OK... that's supposed to lessen the guilt but it's not working.    Here's a photo I took of a mini quilt showing some of the blocks in the book.....

That is one gorgeous patched Sashiko cushion tucked in the back there too.   It's not in the book but there is a pattern.   I didn't buy it... I am capable of a little restraint.

Here's a photo of Susan signing my book...... (I'm not a groupie.. honest)

She's now responsible for two of my most favourite Block Books...... her Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks book is gorgeous.

I spotted these.....

and bought these.....

A lovely skein of Steph Francis Perle cotton and a gorgeous piece of hand dyed wool felt.  I haven't a clue what I'm going to do with them but they were so pretty they just had to come home with me.    I got them both from Batiks n Beads....

Maryke (in the photo) is one very talented lady.    The felt books she makes are nothing short of fabulous.  Check out her gallery page it's gorgeous.

Funnily enough Chris and Kitty both bought wool felt and threads from Maryke too..... she must be contagious.

Well... that's it.   That's all I bought!!    Are you impressed..... I am!   

As for the show.....on display was one of my most favourite quits by Dilys Fronks

OK... so it's got a cat in it! 

I fell in love with this one too.  Sorry I didn't get a note of who made it.

It's gobsmackingly gorgeous in the flesh.  

I've uploaded lots more photo's of quilts that caught my eye to a Flickr Album if you fancy taking a look.

Last but not least.......I started messing about with these scraps last week.......

but you'll have to wait a little bit longer to see what they are going to turn in to.   Which reminds me... I'd better get going.    Chris and Sally are coming over tomorrow and I need to prep something to sew......

Sorry to leave in a rush but......

See ya soon
Have fun

Sunday 19 February 2012


For me..... it never happened!!

I did sign up in good time and I'd even picked out a project and fabric.  For once I was ahead of the game.  Here's what I was going to do....

I planned to start the one with the applique vase in the centre.   It's a Lori Smith design that I think is really cute.   All the quilts on this pattern finish at 12" square.    I love the idea of quilts in a frame.... mounted just like 'real' art.  

So... what went wrong!

My shoulder started hurting again and my neck stiffened in sympathy!  Friday... I looked like a hybrid cross of the Bride of Frankenstein and Queen Victoria......  stiff as a board and not at all amused!   I did manage to do the regular grocery run but by the time I got home.... cold and wet....  I was capable of nothing but grumping.   And that I did....all day and to Olympic Gold Medal Standard.

On the 'up' side.... I did get time to sit and browse through this.....

It's full of cute stitcheries and lovely little projects.    Of course all the instructions are in French (like the magazine in my last post) but like I said before... who cares!   Where there's a will.... there's a way. 

I haven't been lazy all weekend.    I did manage to stitch one or two stems on my Vignette Flower border until I realised I was on a hiding to nothing and gave up.   So I tried tidying up in here.....

not a bad effort at all.... for a one armed woman.   It hasn't looked so clean in months.   After that I caught up with a bit of 'clerical' work i.e.  I sorted out patterns and magazines etc.   It's good to feel organised... for a change.

So... that's that!     All I can do is say 'sorry' to you if you've popped in to see what I did for FNSI.   I'll do better next time.... promise.

OK.... I'm heading back to my reliner for a drugged up (painkillers) night in front of the TV. 

Hope you all are full of beans and having fun....

See ya soon

Thursday 16 February 2012

Vignette Revisited

Last weekend I started working on Vignette again......

I'm burning to the bone with shame at how long it's been it last saw the light of day.   I prepped the four little applique hearts for Blocks 2/3.  They are all that's left to stitch to finish those blocks.... oh... and there's a small satin stitch heart to do on the birdhouse too.

Then I got to work on the flower borders for Block 4.   You know I'm stitching faster these days.  I guess with a blog to feed I can't afford to procrastinate too long <wink>.    I'm giving stitching 'au natural' a try.   Just in case you get the wrong idea about that let me assure you I am keeping all my clothes on at all times it's just my embroidery hoop I've cast aside.  

So far... so good.   It seems to be working for me.  I've stopped 'stabbing'.... I'm backstitching by the book and my tension looks better (in my opinion).    Well.... anything is worth a shot isn't it!   I'll let you know if the improvement turns out to be a flash in the pan.

Now.... I have to confess to this.....

I bought Lynette Anderson's 'A Dogs Life' BOM and it wasn't my fault!!    I just happened to be on the phone with Beverley from Fobbles and I accidentally mentioned that I liked this BOM.    It's not my fault that Beverley just happened to have the patterns and I just couldn't help but ask her to post them to me.... now is it!  Could you have resisted?

Chris couldn't.  She just happened to be on the phone to Beverley too and she too just happened to mention that she liked a certain BOM and look what happened to her.....

She accidentally signed up for Lynette Anderson's 'In Full Bloom' BOM!    It's amazing that two sensible grown women could loose control of their senses in the blink of an eye.   I blame Beverley..... I think she's a Witch!

I can't blame poor Bev for me ordering this though....

Isn't it gorgeous!!    If you haven't already seen it and want to take peek at some of the inside pages click here  then follow the link on the opening page to see inside.  I can hardly wait for my copy to arrive.  There's a beautiful wall quilt in there not to mention a gorgeous  project by Gail Pan.

So what if the instructions are in French..... I'm a quilter.... I can overcome that!   I only hope there are plenty of pictures. 

Heck I'm so excited I'm hyperventilating...... hang on while I breath into a bag.   Ooop's... should have been paper not plastic!

Before I phone the ambulance take a look at my little darlings....

I know it comes across like I'm seriously cat obsessed but how could I not show you one of the very few times they are together without fur flying.   You'd think butter wouldn't melt wouldn't you.   Well you'd know different if you were the one who had to vacuum the carpet.  I swear that vacuum sucks up enough fur to make two more cats.... weekly!

I'm going now before I choke ..... do you think a nice Gin and Orange would relax my airways?   You do!  OK... I'll give it a try.    It'll be your faults if I get tipsy!

Have loads of fun doing what makes you happy

See ya soon

Thursday 9 February 2012

Ladies...... we have a WINNER!

Who's a clever girl then! 

Obviously the answer is ME.    I'm not just clever I'm a genius.   I figured out how to get Random Number Generator onto my blog post.     That means I didn't have to rely on the Policeman's helmet and a grumpy old British Bobby to select a give-a-way winner.

So..... before you expire with excitement  here it is.....

No cheating here girls.  Mr. Random Generator has chosen comment number 25 to win the prize.  Who is that I wonder.......

I checked the list very....very carefully......

And the winner is   Supergoof  who bloggs from the beautiful Netherlands.    Congratulations Ingrid.   I know you'll make something very beautiful with your new layer cake.   If you haven't visited her blog yet grab a cuppa.. click on the name and go right there.  You won't be disappointed.

Phew!!   I'm going to need a strong cuppa to calm me down now.  Honestly.... I'm so excited you'd think it was me that just won the prize.    What a Wally eh!

Well..... this WAS going to be me today.....

concentrating hard....looking intelligent and sewing up a storm <ha!>   Things never turn out how you expect do they.    Instead I'm with Bagpus..... watching CatTV....

Well... it is darned cold outside and inside is not much better.  Who can blame us for snuggling up in front of a lovely fire.    I'm on a drive to conserve central heating oil.   Honestly the price of that stuff is enough to give you an attack of the vapours!     More quilts.... that's what's needed I think.

I've sewn another Dear Jane block......

...just in case you think I've been slacking.    I dreaded this one for some reason but surprisingly it went together very quickly (for me).    Have to admit to a bit of cheating though.  The cross in the centre is supposed to be pieced..... I took the easy way out and appliqued the cross onto the square.   Too much of a coward to tackle piecing such tiny triangles.

Never mind.... that's 4 done and umpteen to go!

Speaking of going.... I'd better get going.   I've got things to do and they ain't gonna get crossed off my 'to do' list if I sit here chatting all afternoon.... much as I'd like to.

So.....  have a wonderful day and be sure to enjoy yourself and have some fun.
See ya soon

Friday 3 February 2012

My First Bloggy Birthday!!

I can't believe my little blog is 1 year old today!   How time flies when you're having fun.

Now if you read my last post you'll already know that I'm celebrating with you all by having a give-a way.  So without further ado here's what I'm going to send  to one lucky reader....

No... it's not a tiny book and a charm pack.   It's a big book and a layer cake... honest. 

You know how much I love my copy of Simplify .  There are ton's of gorgeous things to make inside and I plan to make them all.... ahem... when I've finished everything on  my BOM list that is!   As for the Ruby layer cake.... who wouldn't like one.   It's so fresh.. clean and cheery looking whatever you make with it is going to be gorgeous. 

So here's the rub..... this time there are two ways of getting your name in the hat.   That means you can enter the draw twice if you want to.      To enter the draw one time just leave a comment on this post.  Simple as that.    Then... if you are a follower feel free to leave a second comment telling me so.   No cheating (as if you would).

The draw will close at Midnight (UK time) on Wednesday February 8th.    Hope you'll take a moment to enter.... one of you is going to get lucky.

You know... when I started this blog I didn't for a moment think that anyone would read it.  It amazes me that you are here right now reading this.  I feel very honoured that you took the time to visit.  Thank you.
I didn't imagine either the number of lovely bloggers from all over the world that I'd meet and enjoy the company (in spirit) of.   I'd just like you to know I appreciate each and every one of you.   Now... pass me a tissue I'm getting all over emotional <wink>

Well.... it's been another hectic week here.   I've not had the 'me' day I planned.  That idea went down the drain very quickly.   I haven't been ignoring my stitching completely though.   I've managed to finish this....

the 2nd block of my Dear Jane.   Did you know there are no less than 40 separate pieces of fabric in this block and that the block is only 5" unfinished?   Phew... wish someone had told me before I started!  Boy did it test my machine piecing skills.

Then I stitched this one.....

I'd originally started hand piecing this one then changed my mind half way though and decided to applique the pale shapes onto a background fabric instead.   Hummmm.... I'm not really sure if I'm happy with this one or not.   The perfectionist in me is screaming that I've not got the points where the leaf shapes meet just right.  I figure if I don't look at it for a while it might look better somewhere down the line.   If not... guess who'll be hand piecing the 3rd attempt! 

I've been stitching another flower border for my Vignette quilt this week too.   I was going to show you but it's so creased and covered in cat hair I figured I'd save it for later.... when I've cleaned it up a bit.

I'd love to talk more but I must dash.   More things to do... less time to do them in.    Don't you all know how that feels!

So.... enter the give-a-way right now...before you forget.   Then have a wonderful weekend doing whatever makes you happy....

See you soon