Thursday 24 November 2011

If you want to get ahead.....

get a hat!

Finding a random generator was easy.  Getting it to do it's stuff on my blog was an entirely different matter.  I gave it my best shot but in the end you can't beat the old way..... putting names in a hat.    Not just any hat....

Macs old policeman's helmet.    I thought it would lend a bit of gravitas to the proceedings.  Then I thought who would be better to pick a name out of the helmet than the honest to goodness ex British Bobby himself..... Mac.

Now his workshop is not the best place to be first thing in the morning but I'm always up for a challenge so in I went.......

I must have thrown him for a loop because without any grumping whatsoever (he's not good first thing)
Mac picked out a name......

So if you happen to be Michelle from Missouri..... SURPRISE!!!

Two Pure charm packs will be heading for Missouri very soon.   

Thanks to all the gals who joined in and left a comment.  I wish I had charm packs to give to all of you but I'm afraid my pin money won't stretch that far.   Sorry.... better luck next time.

Phew all this early excitement has left me quite discombobulated and on a day when I can't afford to loose the plot too.   Today is the day I'm packing up my SSCS gifts ready to go to the Post Office on the first stage of their journey to........ who knows where (I do)!

I'm off to do a final tweak..... I can't help it... 

Have a lovely day


Monday 21 November 2011

Finally FNSI Friday Follow-Up

I didn't forget FNSI.  I had a fabulous time playing with these....

Yeh.... it's been a long time since I showed you some hexie blooms.  That's because it's been a long time since I made any.   I'd almost forgotten the simple pleasure of snuggling in my recliner with a glass of vino and the TV stitching hexies for all I'm worth.

Right now I can't stop watching animal rescue programmes.  Animal Cops Houston...  Animal Precinct and Animal Cops Phoenix.   The more upset I got at seeing animal cruelty cases the faster I stitched.  I got loads done and the animals all had a happy ending (most of them anyway.. we won't go into the ones that didn't).

I've been having quite a busy time of it lately (for me anyway).   It's been really frustrating not having enough time to catch up with my favourite blogs or find any new favourites for that matter.   I'm hoping once this week is by I'll get back to normal (ha).

There's been no time for these....

Notice the postman brought me some templates all the way from Australia.  Sue Daley ones for tiny tumblers and itty bitty Klosjes.   I think I have a masochistic streak a mile wide!   Haven't had time to play with them yet.  Or read the magazine for that matter. 

Sally came over today to work on her twin baby quilts....

One on the table....

And one on the back of the chair.

The twins are due any day now so Sally has really got to get her skates on.   This is the first time she's quilted anything and she's terrified.   She doesn't believe that's normal either!   While she quilted I acted as general dogsbody labourer finishing ends and guess what.... unpicking!  Sally sure knows where to find an expert unpicker when she needs one.

I've got one final FNSI photo to show you.....

Do you think they are just a little spoiled?   NAH!!

Hope you are all having a great time whatever you are up to

See ya soon..

Thursday 17 November 2011

Would you like a charm pack?

How about two.... these two.....

I don't know how it happened but I seem to have been determined to stash all the Pure charm packs in Scotland!     You know I've already used one to make my Madeline Bag  and I've some set aside for a manly quilt top too.... when I can fit another project in!   All that and I still have more than I need.

So.... I thought I'd spread a little Pure love and have my first ever  Give-A-Way!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning the charm packs is to leave a little comment on this post.  Simple as that.  You don't have to jump through hoops or become a trusty Follower ...unless you want to that is.  I would be nice if you do but I'm not twisting your arm.... you need it for stitching! 

You know what..... I kinda like the idea of you mentioning where you live in your comment.  Not your actual street address of course (I'm no creepy stalker) just town/country that sort of thing.

OK...... I'll close entries at Midnight GMT  on Wednesday 23rd November. 
Only one comment per person please.

I'll attempt to pick a number using a Random Generator.... if I can figure out how one works.   Failing that I'll ask my trusty mum to draw a winner from a fitting receptacle.   Good luck then.

Now before I go.... it's that time of the month again.   Tomorrow night  is Friday Night Sew In.   Just a little poke in the ribs to remind you.  Sign up is running a little late this month but it's still proving popular.   I'm not surprised.  There is fun to be had and good company to have it in.   Care to join me and all the other girls around the world?  If you do just hit the button over on the sidebar and I'll see you there.

Oh and I couldn't go without showing you......

the new cat bowls I got for Licky and Baggie today....

I couldn't have put it better myself!!

Hope you are having a great week.... wherever you are whatever you are doing


Wednesday 9 November 2011

Every sewing room should have one.....

I'm talking about a little furry helper........

I hadn't a clue that Licky Lou was a budding seamstress till I walked in here and caught her in the act.  I gave her the whole Health and Safety lecture about the dangers of needles and other sharp objects but she obviously thought I was full of hot air and not worth listening to.


we had a little dispute over ownership of some scissors!   No way was she going to hand them over without a fight.     She did relax once she saw fabric and realised that her paws weren't quite up to operating the scissors to cut it herself.

That's when she got to thinking she'd just keep them anyway and wear them as a bracelet....

She did relent once I met her ransom demands and the requisite number of cat treats were paid.  After that we got down to some serious sewing.

Together we made this.....

Row A... Block 1 of my our Dear Jane quilt.    We're pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I have been busy sewing other stuff too.... secret stuff which I can't show you yet.  Done bits and pieces of stitching too which I'll show you later.... when I've ironed it!  Ooop's don't shoot me I should have said 'pressed'!! 

I'd better get back to my stitchery..... before Bagpuss decides that's his forte!! 

See ya soon...... hope you're all having a great week


Thursday 3 November 2011

Twelve Red Red Robins....

have been bob...bob... bobbing around in my UFO pile for so long it's gone way beyond embarrassing.

I am burning to the bone with shame!

You see I was lucky enough to actually win a copy of Twelve Red Robins when Natalie Lymer was giving away three as prizes on her blog.   You can see the pattern as the redwork it was designed to be here
I love this pattern and couldn't wait to start stitching as soon as it arrived.   Ahem..... that was in July 2008!! 

How could I have put it to one side for 3 years!   I'd swear it was only 6 months max since I last stitched on it.   Actually.... this is the second time of stitching it!    You might guess..... I got mega picky with my stitches and scrapped the first attempt.    In my defence it was the first time ever I'd tried a stitchery.

My second effort still leaves a lot to be desired....

Can you tell that french knots are not my forte.    I've got one boggle eyed bird and one with a squint!   I do love the thread I used for the tail feathers though.   It's a Steph Francis hand dyed silk.  I've collected a little stash of them for special projects.

I bought a frame....

It was a real find.   Got it in a sale at a knock down price and in my opinion... it's perfect (the frame that is).
How could I have ignored it for so long.... when I'm so close to finishing too!    Well... I'm determined to get it stitched... framed and hung on the wall ready for this Christmas.... I hope!

Now... have you seen this woman?

If you live in the UK there is no way you could not know Kirstie Allsopp.  If you don't live in the UK check out her latest TV show Kirsties Handmade Britain.   I love her approach to crafts... heck to life in general. If you have an hour to spare grab yourself a cup of coffee watch her trying to win prizes at Country Shows.

Last but not least here's a photo of Bagpuss.... the invalid!

Poor boy... he's looking a bit worse for wear at the moment.     He's been to visit the vet after I found bald patches on his legs and tummy.    He had some blood tests (he wasn't impressed) which showed he has an over active thyroid.  Who knew that could make your fur fall out!   He has little pink pills to take twice a day from here on in.  He loves that part because I wrap them up in little balls of cheese... his favourite. 
I'm collecting any bits of his fur that drop out from now on in.... just in case I need to needle felt him a toupee!

Hope you are having great time... whatever you are doing

See ya!

Josie X