Tuesday 15 March 2011

I can't wait for Friday!

Not because it's the start of the weekend.   Not because there's something great on TV.  Not even because George Clooney is popping round for a cozy night in.....my dreams!

Why then is Friday so special.   It's because this Friday is going to be my very first Friday Night Sew In!

I'm getting really excited.... as in "how many sleeps" excited!    I've got my project all picked out and I'm bursting to show you what it is.    It's no good.  I can't hold it in any longer.  Here's a little peek of the fabric I'll be using.

Now...... if you want to know what I'm going to make with it you'll need to pop back on Saturday to find out!    

In fact...... why don't you join in too.   Just hit the link button on the sidebar and sign up.    What could be nicer that an evening sewing in your Jimmy Jams.    Except maybe George Clooney...... do you think he might be prepared to help unpick my braids?    No?    He's no good to me then... I'll call and cancel!!

Till next time.....

Josie  X


Anonymous said...

Will I take a stab at what it is. I was at Birmingham with you so perhaps have an unfair advantage.
Go Monkey Buttons!!!
It took longer than I expected of my perfectionist friend to take the scissors to her Vignette block.

Tonya said...

I'll be sewing right there with ya! Its my first Sew-In as well~!!! Can't wait!

Pootle said...

Im sorry to tell you that George is coming round to mine this week so you are out of luck! Im going to check out the Friday night Sew thing too. Maybe Ill get him to help thread my machine whilst he is round! x

Janet said...

I'm going to be watching from the sidelines so have fun. I see you use the Frixion pens and know that the marks come back 50% when put in the freezer. I wondered if you'd tested if the pens come out completely after ironing and washing.