Saturday 22 September 2012

All white on the night!

Well..... I might not have made it to the Quilt Show yesterday but the day was not a total loss.   I had a lovely relaxing FNSI instead. 

Isn't it funny how when you have a good rummage around looking for something different to do all sorts of goodies you'd put to the back of your mind catch your eye again.   Like this.....

Tailfeathers..... one of my all time favourite BOM's.     I had great fun prepping the little applique Robins.  For once Steam-a-Seam didn't get the better of me and I got all the pieces fused with no trouble at all.  Well... if you don't count that I fused the body of the bird on red fabric instead of tan first time... hey ho!
Got some of the blanket stitching done on the birds too.

Now for all the white stuff!

The roll of Sticky Fabri Solvy I ordered arrived yesterday so how could I not play with it last night....

The photo above shows the Solvy after I ran it through the photocopier to transfer the design.   It was a bit fiddly to do but that was more because I bought it in a roll rather than flat sheets.   The roll worked out cheaper (call me mean) inch for inch than the packets of sheets.   

Using my brain (!) I cut a piece of Solvy from the roll and stapled it at the corners to a sheet of craft card... kept it nice and flat and it fed through my aged printer/copier no trouble at all.

After that I trimmed the sheet down to the actual design area and peeled off the backing paper I stuck it in place.  Apologies for the brightness of the above photo.  I tried and failed to make it any clearer.   The design is in fact really well defined and PERFECT!   None of my shaky handed tracing ... it's just as the designer (in this case Leanne Beasley) intended. 

I did apply Parlan to the fabric before I placed the Solvy.  Wasn't too sure how the adhesive on the Solvy would react to the heat of pressing on the Parlan.   I'd imagine I could have had a real sticky mess on my hands and lots of tears before bedtime.  Better safe than sorry eh! 

Here it is in the hoop.   Have to say the design is really clear and easy to see and I felt it helped me to stitch a bit more accurately.     The fabric is a bit stiffer than usual and in the hoop I found it easier to stab the backstitch rather than working the stitch in and out in one movement.  Not much flexibility in the fabric.

I haven't worked with Parlan much... it's a bit bulkier than the Weaveline I usually use so maybe I just need a bit of time to get used to it.   I'll try the Solvy with Weavline soon and let you know how that works.

Here's a close up so you can see the texture of the Solvy.  Can't wait to see the end result once it's been dissolved away.

OK.... I didn't stitch a whole lot last night but I did enjoy playing with fabric.   It didn't help that I couldn't stay awake for a late night stitch in.   Didn't get much sleep Thursday night so I was comatose by 10pm.

Here's someone else who is having trouble getting out of bed recently.....

poor little Bagpuss has been to the Dr.   What do you do with a constipated cat?   Give it an enema according to the vet.   Fortunately Baggy has recovered from the embarrassment and is feeling quite comfy again.  He's much happier since I assured him no one can see his bald patch.... as long as he keeps his tail down!    What next.......

I'm off to blog hop now.   Hope everyone who joined in FNSI had a really great night.   Oooop's... just realised I forgot to drink my wine!  Next time.....

Have fun and I'll see ya soon

Friday 21 September 2012

FNSI tonight!

They say when life hands you lemons.... make lemonade and that is just what I'm doing today.

I'm not really making lemonade I'm signing up for FNSI.... better late than never eh!   I can't for the life of me figure out how to get a link attached to the above photo but if you're up for a last minute bit of self indulgent sewing pleasure then click on the link on the sidebar and it'll take you to sign up.

 I should have been in Edinburgh today having a fun time with Sally, Kitty and Tilly at the Scottish Quilt Championships but I had to pull out at the last minute.   That's why I didn't get to sign up sooner.    In case you think we were planning on sneaking off without Chris.... she's touring New England USA with her DH right now... jammy devil!  Hope she's finding some gorgeous quilt stores to tell us about when she gets back.

OK.... I'm off to sort out something nice to do this evening.    Hope all the rest of you FINSIers have fun too.  I'm looking forward to seeing what you all get up to tonight.

Have fun!
See ya soon

Sunday 16 September 2012

The end is nigh!

Don't worry!    Mac hasn't convinced me that the world will end on 21st December (however hard he tries).   Well... it would make stitching Christmas Swap gifts a bit of a waste of time wouldn't it.   The end I'm talking about is.....

the end of another yard of my Vignette flower border.   I'm so far behind with this project it just isn't funny.  As soon as I've finished Christmas stitching (and providing the world doesn't actually end)  I'm going to knuckle down and stitch like a woman possessed to catch up.  Feel free to remind me I said that.

Here's the tiniest of sneak peeks of something I've been working on.

All I can say is I loved stitching it.... oh... and it's finished.  One in the bag for me then!  Happy days.

I wasn't so happy yesterday when I was pulling the place apart looking for an embroidery floss.  Frustration resulted in this.......

I finally got out the Floss-a-Way bags I bought ages ago and made a start organising my stash of floss.  Don't think for a minute this is all I have.... it's the tip of the iceberg!      Doesn't my table look tidy.  Tidier than normal anyway.  I've been having a bit of a sort out.   This room could really do with a massive re-organise but there is no hope of that any time soon.

I'm hoping to speed up stitching projects with this......

I love the idea of being able to photocopy stitchery designs and 'stick' them onto the fabric.  No more time consuming tracing of really detailed patterns.  Sounds too good to be true.   You stitch through the Solvy then pop the finished article into warm water and it disappears.... maybe I'll try just a small piece to be sure.    A whole roll of it is winging it's way here right now.... can't come fast enough for me.

Now... I just have to show you what I saw through the kitchen window first thing this morning.....

a little family of Deer.   There were actually three of them in the garden just yards from the window.   It was early... still a bit misty and raining heavily.  I grabbed my camera and just hoped for the best.  Taking shots through the window is not so good... especially when the window is not as clean as it could be !

Those little critters put a big smile on my face for sure.  Breakfast made sure the smile stayed a bit longer.....

Strawberries.... Greek yogurt and fabulous grain free toasted muesli.   I am loving the whole Primal Living thing.  I feel great.  Full of energy.  And the best part is the pounds are dropping off... all by themselves!!   Mac might just get back the woman he proposed to.   He hasn't been legally married to a third of me for years! 

Before I go I wanted to mention that I've turned off word verification on comments.   I hate those horrible jumbled letters myself so I'm glad to see the back of it.   I am having a problem though.   I'm getting strange 'Anonymous' comments.   Only one of them has shown on a blog post.... I deleted it.  The rest appear in my e.mail and look for all the world like they've come from Blogger ....but... they don't appear on the blog and the text is a bit 'off'.    Strange!    Even though they are anonymous all of them have a name with a link to click.  Obviously I don't.  I'm way too suspicious for that.   I'm just wondering if I'm alone in this or are others out there having the same problem.

OK.... I must go.  I'll never reach the end of that flower border if I don't knuckle down to it. Besides I need the quiet time to think about more Christmas swap gifts.  I wish I was more decisive! 

Hope you are fit and having fun doing what makes you happy

Till next time
See ya
Josie X

Sunday 9 September 2012

Play Day!

I'm really late showing you photos of our play day.... one week late to be exact.   This is what happened last Monday when Chris and Sally and I got together to try something completely different.

Felt making!

Sally wasted no time in getting stuck in.....

And Chris threw herself into it with gay abandon.   Me, I was a bit slower.... mainly because I was the one reading the instructions out loud and it's tricky to work with wool in one hand and a book in the other.

Stage two.......

I bet this is the one and only time they've had fun doing anything that resembles cleaning!   At this point the potential felt had been wetted, covered with tutu (every girl should have one) netting and liberally rubbed with Olive Oil Soap.   The Dynamic Duo are now aggitating it with balls of bubble wrap.  I don't know how well they were doing with the felt but they were certainly aggitating me. 

Felting is not something I've had any sucess with.   I decided to felt a Spectacle Case for Chris's birthday... a few years back.   Did everything as per the instructions.  Made a card template and felted around it so I could make a moulded one piece case.   Ambitious eh!    I rubbed and scrubbed at it till I was blue in the face to make sure it was really going to be felted then removed the template and set it aside to dry. 

Imagine my surprise next morning when I discovered I'd made a mobile phone cozy.... for a small mobile phone!!   It wasn't my best creation not when you consider that in parts it was as thick as a slice of bread and in others you could see right through it!    Still... it was made with love and Chris treasures it to this day (if I find out otherwise she's a dead woman)!  

Back to the felt in hand...... this is how it all turned out

This piece belongs to Sally.  I really don't know what it's going to end up as but I think she's going to embellish it with bats hanging from the branches of the tree.... she's strange like that.   It has a bit of a surreal look don't ya think.... that's Sally all over!

Now this bit belongs to Chris.   I think you can tell that she's a farm girl (actually so is Sally... funny that) with her depiction of a meadow full of flowers catching the last of  the sunshine before a huge storm hits.  Have to say it's a work of imagination.... her fields are full of dairy cows and dairy cow dung.  Wonder why she didn't go for realism.

Now for mine....

Well I did tell you that feltmaking isn't my forte!    It's supposed to be a garden of flowers but it looks more like someone just let go of a bunch of balloons.   The bit of pink and green scrim that I artfully (!) arranged is now no more..... I picked it off!   What can you say..... stick with the day job?

Here's something I did manage to make sucessfully........


If you fancy a Mediterranean  style warm bacon and egg salad you know where to come.  Bet you didn't know Cavewomen ate so well... yummy.

Well... I'd better go.   Cat's need their supper and I need to stitch a bit more before bedtime.

Hope you are enjoying yourself..... wherever you are and whatever you are doing.....

Take care
Till next time....