Thursday 3 February 2011

Lets just suck it and see......

....seems like a plan.   It's the only one I've got so here goes.

First off... I'm not exactly renowned for making snap decisions.  So imagine my surprise last weekend when inspiration struck me like a bolt from the blue.  I was here when I had my Eureka moment. 

Mesmerised by dozens of gorgeous photo's of pillows.  I got the urge!   Not being one to ingore my urges I grabbed a part used charm pack from my stash and set too.   Before long and to my utter amazement it became this.....

What's so amazing about that?   Well... it's my first ever dresden plate that's what and I'm chuffed to bits with it!

Soon after...this

 Became this

Half of the back pieced.   I'm on a roll.   Now to applique the plate to the background and figure out what to do with the centre.   There is no stopping me now.

Kudos to flossyblossy for providing the inspiration and to Philippa Naylor for a fantastic 'Precision Piecing' workshop.

Ok.... it may be only a pillow to you but to me..... it's a miracle!!

Must dash.  I have an urge to applique.

Till next time....



kitty said...

First to comment!
love the fabric (but I would have to say that having already "borrowed" some of this form you!!)
Looking forward to seeing the finished article.
Good luck with the blog.

Tilly Talksalot said...
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