Tuesday 17 January 2012

Why me?

I really don't know what I did to deserve this......

I promise it's not the same photo I showed you last week.   I did finish all three mini blocks.  The heart is appliqued.  The butterfly is appliqued and the wording and flowers stitched.  The centre of the daisy is finished too.    I thought I'd cracked it.   Then I spotted the error of my ways.

I'd pieced the bottom block wrongly!    The centre of the block needed to be turned through 90 degrees.  That meant taking off the side strips and re making the block.    I'm almost finished doing that... as you can see.

Then....   I noticed the darned daisy block.   I'd only done the exact same thing with that hadn't I!

The daisy needs to turn 90 degrees too which means I have to make that block again.  I can't believe it.  Just when I thought I was finally on the homeward stretch. 

It's not all bad news though.   There is a yellow daisy mini block in block 9 which is the right way round to use this block.   So... on the bright side I've already made a start on the final block.

Does that sound like complete gobbledygook to you?

This is how Butterfly Garden is looking tonight.....

I haven't had much time to sew this past week.   I mentioned I planned to decorate the kitchen last Wednesday.... well I did.  Not only that but I've sorted out the cupboards and cleared out loads of junk too. I'd give myself a pat on the back but it's way too stiff and sore tonight.

Today I took a car load and trailer full of rubbish to the local recycling centre (dump).    I finally managed to persuade Mac to part with a rusty old wreck of a cement mixer..... oh joy!    Two of his stickmaking pals lifted it onto the trailer for me so all I had to do was get it off at the other end.   Easier said than done.   I took a big old recliner chair too.  A heap of old carpet.   Some ancient plastic garden chairs and various defunct electrical goods.  Not to mention a lot of old dinner plates etc that Chris calls my 'Chip'endale crockery.   Guess it got noticibly old.  Overall  I got rid of a LOT of stuff.  

I did manage to find an attendant to help me unload the cement mixer but that was as far as he was prepared to go...wimp!   I wrestled with everything else myself.   Hence..... I don't have a body part that isn't aching right now.  I do feel very smug though which makes the pain almost pleasurable (yeh... right). 

I'm off to the hairdressers for a much needed hair cut tomorrow.   I look like a very old and cranky Yorkshire Terrier right now.   I'm hoping that Ralph (who hasn't had the pleasure of me before) can wave his magic scissors and turn me into a human being again.  

YUKKKKKKK...... Licky Lou just brought me a present.  A nice juicy slug.  Where did she get the idea my keyboard was the perfect place to present it!!    Hang on a minute......

Ok.... the slug is back in the garden where it belongs.   That wasn't fun.  It's windy... raining.... cold and very creepy in the pitch dark out there. 

Back to sewing and the BOM Cold Turkey plan.    Notice I did list all my BOM's for you to see.  Actually... I just realised there is another that I haven't listed  yet..... that will bring the count to 17.   I really have been sinning..... for a very long time!    Can anyone out there beat my total?  Come on.  Own up!

Have stitched some Tailfeathers this week .... this is the first stitchery of the first block.  Long way still to go then. 

Good news.... Kitty arrives on Friday for a long weekend.   I'm counting on her to whip me into a sewing frenzy.  If she can do that the world is my hamster!   No pressure Kitty.... if you're reading this.

I'd better go.   I need my nightly fix of ER and tonight..... I think I deserve it.

See you very soon....... until then have a great time doing whatever takes your fancy...



Anonymous said...

Josie the butterfly garden is beautiful. I love all of the blocks.

Kaye R said...

Your quilt is looking fabulous. Chin up. Are these the first two hiccups of the quilt? If so, seeing the size and work that's pretty good.

marina said...

what a sausage! Mind you I can't tell what the mistake is? The blocks look fantastic all together.
Well done on your clean up.
Have fun at the hair dressers and don't snap at the hair cutting man,or should I say groomer?

Raewyn said...

Oh I hope Kitty helps you to move through that BOM list! I'm sure mine isn't as long as yours...I think...and I keep seeing more things I want to do too! Grab the moment I say with so many fabulous projects to start and store :-) Full marks to you for persistence with your BG blocks.. it is looking really lovely.

Diane-crewe said...

I cannot tell you how much I HATE slugs!!! But then I LOVE your blocks...both looked fine to me xx

Ellen said...

Butterfly garden looks so pretty - you are going to have a gorgeous quilt! When I was a kid I woke up one morning to a very pleased cat and 1/2 a hamster on my bed! YUCK!!!!

Nicky said...

Your BG is looking fantastic, good thing the yellow daisy worked out well for you!
It feels great to have a good clearout, I took a load to our local hospice charity shop this week, and it felt great! Less clutter of house junk means more space for fabric and crafting goodies........
Your BOM list is a lot longer than I realised, please tell me you haven't started all of those already?!

Grethe said...

Interesting post this! Love your BG and of course I envie you, rather really wish I`d come this far.It looks absolutely lovely.I must;I must!
Glad you had a big clear out.We should as well.
Glad you produced you project-list.
Love reading;put on much more if you like!!We share much of the same.Happy Quilting,Josie.

rosie said...

Poor Miss Josie... hope your Butterfly blocks are feeling better. Maybe Kitty helped too!

Pam said...

I really don't believe it Josie two blocks of the month the same. Your Butterfly garden is further advanced than mine but DRUMROLL here my tailfeathers is complete. Here goes with the guilty secret since you set me the challenge to finish butterfly garden I have started on In full bloom by Lynette Anderson.