Wednesday 18 May 2011

Friday Night Sew In!

I knew there was something I forgot to say yesterday.......    this coming Friday (20th)  night is Sew In night!

There is something really nice about an evening stitching in the company of others.  Even if they are half a world away and don't know me from Adam.  We're all on the same wavelength and there is definitely a vibe in the air.  

If you feel like joining in just look for a button like this button on my sidebar......

Click on it and Bob's your uncle.... you can register to join in.  There's a chance you might win some lovely goodies too.

I normally plan ahead what I'm going to work on.... but not this time.   I've decided that on the night.... a little of what I fancy will do me good.   Hummmm..... wine could feature in this I'm thinking.

Till next time...

Josie X


Just Sew Sue said...

Thank you for posting. Perhaps I could break out the stuff for the bag I'm making which is the same as yours.I've cut up some Bliss scraps and bought some turquoise and red polka dots to finish it.

Tilly said...

Don't know if I will get much sewing done tonight (Friday) but there's certainly a glass or two of wine in the plans. Cheers my friend. Missing you loads!!!