Sunday 24 April 2011

An Award and a little bit of rule breaking!

What a big surprise to find I've been 'bestowed' with an award.....

The lovely Sandy at Cookies & Cream Craft   kindly chose to add me to her list of worthy receipients.   I feel most un-worthy I can tell you. 

This is probably the point where I need to make an acceptance speech but as anyone who knows me would beg me not too.... I've decided not to bore you all  this sunny Easter morning. 

Now for the rule breaking bit......

I am going to tell you 7 juicy things you don't know about me.  Heck... you're welcome to my life story if you're foolish brave enough to get me started!  The one thing I'm not going to do is directly nominate anyone for this award myself. 

OK..... before you send for the firing squad let me tell you for why.

I have a lovely ever growing list of blogs I like to read.  I also follow lots of blogs for the same reason.   I could happily nominate every one of them for an award for the pure pleasure they give me every day.  My problem is.... I'm not sure they'd all like to receive one!     So... I've come up with a solution... my personal solution.....

If your blog is mentioned on my blog list or I am a follower of your blog and you'd be happy to accept a Versatile Blogger Award from me I'd be more than happy to 'bestow' one on you.   Just drop me a line or leave a comment and let me know.

Hope you all understand and don't think I'm some old battleaxe with no sense of fun!

Now for the bit you've been waiting for.......  7 things you don't know about me...... in no particular order.....

1.  I am so accident prone it's unreal.  I can trip over a cat hair and break a leg!  The number of times I've 
head butted the garden shed probably has something to do with the way my brain works (or not) too.

2.  I love sniffing cats paws!!   Now before you say 'yuck'  just try it.   My cats paws smell like a woodland floor one day and a musky cow shed the next.   I sniff 'strange' cats paws too whenever I can get away with it. 

3.  I am Mac's fourth wife and he is my third husband.   Does that make us disfunctional or well suited I wonder.    Either way..... we're a good fit (13 years).... for good this time.

4.  I won the local Stickmaking Championship a few years back.  Yes.... I made shepherds crooks and market sticks and won prizes for them.  I don't make sticks any more... I stitch instead and leave the stickmaking to Mac who is fabulous at it and has won more awards than I could ever hope to.

5.  I have an oval scar on my knee.  It's a reminder of the day my dad took the guide wheels off my first ever two wheel bike.  I just had to fall off didn't I. 

6.  I have a scar across the middle of my tongue too from where it was stitched together at the hospital.  I was only five when I bit it in two... honest it's true.   Are you believing 1 now!

7.  I have one eye lower than the other.  One corner of my mouth is lower too (same side as the eye) and one boob closer to the floor than it's partner (again same side as the eye)    Oh well.... Mac describes me as 'Succulent' so it all must work together somehow! 

Ok.... I'd better quilt quit while I'm ahead.    Another thing you should know about me is that I sometimes just don't know when to stop!

I leave you with this

Not an Easter Bunny but an Easter Hare.  He/she wasn't about to frolic in the grass for the camera.  I waited till my foot fell asleep then gave up.

Don't forget my new Award protocol...... if you'd like to join in and spread the fun just let me know.

Happy Easter

Till next time....

Josie X


Anonymous said...

Wow! Love reading the list of 7, Josie! Veeeerry interesting. *grin* I was gagging at the thought of your poor tongue!

Lynda said...

You forgot to put in there that you have a marvelous sense of humor....of course I guess we can see that for ourselves!

Wendy said...

Your blog is such fun to read ... and I totally get what you mean about smelling cats, perhaps I don't smell their paws exactly but I do bury my head in their fur and smell all the outdoorsy scents!!

annie@ sewingsanctuary said...

Hi Josie I'm very new to blogging, sounds like your life is full of fun, I also follow Pam's Paradise stitching I also work with Pam at Quilters Heaven oops Haven