Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Muddling along....

Feeling about as much use as a chocolate teapot!   Don't anyone ask me to run a booze up in a brewery either.... it ain't going to happen.   Coming from one who likes the odd (!) tipple.... that is sad indeed.

Don't know where my brain was last week.   The week that I packed and despatched SSCS gifts to my swap partner and forgot to post a photo of them.  DUH.   I was doing so well too.  Thoroughly enjoyed making the gifts.  Didn't panic once during the whole process (miracles do happen) and had them wrapped and ready to go right on time.    Well... here's the photo you all should have seen a week ago...

Not long now before this box will be arriving at someones door.     Hope they like the contents.  

Now I'll need a second to put on my horsehair vest..... I have some serious penance to do.   I broke a swap rule!   It's been weeks since I posted and we swappers are meant to post regularly to enable our partners to get to know us and our likes etc.   I'm only hoping I've been gobby enough over the years for my partner not to have had too much trouble deciding what to make for me.     Humm... wondering who my partner is.... if it's you.... sorry!   

Ok... time for an update on what I've been up to.  Sewing wise of course.   I'm plugging away at reducing and resorting my stash.  It's taking forever!     Got a nice pile of background squares cut and ready to receive baskets.  Got lots of baskets cut too.....   

Here are a few of them

This is where the wheel fell off my speeding waggon.   Lots of baskets cut meant lots of baskets to prepare for applique.  As I'm working at the rate of a snail on sleeping pills right now this is a BIG problem.

I tried out a new (to me) method I found on Esther's blog.   Basically it's using Best Press with freezer paper templates.  Check out Esther's tutorial HERE.   It works a treat!   As the freezer paper is removed before appliqueing it's so nice and supple and super easy to stitch too.   I'm a convert!
Thanks Esther!

Have to admit I treated myself to a new mini iron.  One with a much shorter shank.  Don't know about you but I find the distance from handle to iron on my old Clover one a problem.  Attempting delicate pressing with it is somewhat akin to eating a fried egg with chopsticks as far as I'm concerned.  

My new Mini Iron Master works a treat and was much cheaper too.!

Now.... you might have noticed a new button on my sidebar.   A link to Quilty 365 a great idea from Audry at Quilty Folk.    I've signed up and I bet if you take a look you'll be keen to join in too.  Take a look HERE  (only if you are sure you can resist temptation).

I've been really keen to start my own circle project but as yet haven't been able to get going.   I will make a start soon.... like maybe Friday.  Well it is the last FNwF's of 2015 this week what better day to start a new project.  Fancy joining in a lovely night of self indulgent sewing/stitching?   Well click HERE and sign up.   If the thought of a whole evening of enjoyment  isn't enough just check out the lovely gift that Cheryll has put together..... who wouldn't like a chance to win it.

I may not have started  my 365 but Sally is totally smitten with hers.....

here's her first batch of circles.   I know... I've tried telling her she's only supposed to do one per day but she's a woman possessed.      

She turned up with batch 2 on Monday....

and she's still going strong.... except for the occasional coffee break to watch Chris knitting.

Heck... they do look serious.   Shows how tough it can be to get the foundation row of a baby cardigan just right.

I'm afraid I can't show you more of what I've been up too since I was last here.   My projects have either been secret or not very photogenic.   Been cutting lots more Drunkards Path components for my 'get rid of as much stash as I can as quickly as I can' project.   If ever a project was badly named it's that one..... quick it is not.    You see I'm not just dipping into stash for fabric I'm actually ironing and re folding and sorting every last piece of it.   I have a really cunning sub project going on though.    Every time I press a piece of fabric I slice off 4 pieces.   One goes into a new 'applique scrap' box for me and the other three go into large... pretty bags that (once I am done) are destined for the applique boxes of Chris... Sally and Kitty.   I'm quite chuffed with myself for coming up with that bright stash reducing idea.  Only hope they don't recipricate.   I need more fabric like I need a hole in the head.  I'm crossing my fingers.  

It has been hard to find motivation here.  We've been having the worst spell of weather we've had in ages.   Every day is dank, dark, dreary and dismal... it's been that way for weeks.  I've forgotton what the Sun looks like.   It rains every day too.... occasionally not for the whole day.   Last week I spotted this little beauty on the burn......

It might look a bit grubby right now but once it's adult feathers arrive it will be the most beautiful Swan.    It paddled up to the bend in the river then let the current carry it back to the start point time and time again.   I stood for ages totally captivated by it.  Hardly noticed that it was chucking it down and I was getting soaked to the skin.

This is the exact same bit of the burn a couple of hours later......

At this point it has burst it's banks.  Later... it flooded the field and the lower garden.  

On the home front Mum gave us a bit of a scare.   She hasn't been eating lately and had an appointment at the Hospital for an endoscopy to try to find out why she felt she couldn't swallow.   I arrived at her building (sheltered accommodation) to take her for the appointment to find an ambulance outside and the warden and paramedics in mums flat.   The ambulance took mum to A & E and I followed.   Everything was OK.   Basically fasting for the endoscopy and not having taken her heart meds that morning (she got mixed up) had caused her blood pressure to lower to the point she passed out.   She recovered quickly and was super keen to keep her date with the Endoscopist (is that even a word).  

With only a minute to go to her allotted appointment time I popped Mum into one of those hospital wheelchairs which you can only pull  and set off  on a mad dash across the hospital from A & E to Day Surgery.  Honestly.... I ran so fast that when we arrived I was relieved to find mum still in the chair.

It all ended well.   Mum had her tests and was diagnosed with a small Hiatus Hernia which doesn't require treatment. A discussion with her Dr later resulted in her being prescribed an SSRI which appears to be working a treat.   She's found her appetite again and is making up for lost eating time.

I'm still trying to stop her from telling everyone she is has a High Anal Hernia!!!   Note to self... get more batteries for her hearing aids!

Do you ever have one of those days when you just don't know which way to turn?

I think Tiggy was having one here.   Or perhaps she's trying out a new yoga position.

Well.... that's about it for the update.   All I can say is I hope to be back in the sewing saddle soon... like FNwF soon.    I'll be there.... will you?

I need to be out of here and heading into the Bat Cave for TV time.   Here's hoping Mac has ran out recordings of disaster documentaries.  I've had all the Armageddon I can handle for one week.   Still... he's recording Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet these days.... thank goodness for a fluffy animal programme with a (mostly) happy ending.

See you all at the weekend

Have a great time till then and beyond.

Onwards and upwards....

Josie   xxx


Anonymous said...

hello my lovely friend,oh your post gave me a few chuckles and a fright when reading about your mum and then a chickle when you ran with her and then had to check that she was still in the chair,lol. Such a pretty swan and we badly need the rain down our way,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Rebecca in AK said...

I am sure your swap partner will love their gifts! I am going to have to try Esther's idea, I tried the starch method and found the fabric stiff to applique with. So glad you will be joining Quilty 365! Also glad your Mum is okay. Lovely to see the swan. I hope you get some sunshine soon!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Always enjoy your posts....I am sure your partner will love her gift. I'm glad your Mums issue was not too serious though still unpleasant.

margaret said...

so pleased to read Mum is okay, what a shock it must have been when you arrived at her home. Your cat looks in 7th heaven. Hope to see our swap presents, now no feeling etc prior to being allowed to open them.Still to try applique, glad the iron works I have one but find it does not press the seams well so bought a clover one last week not tried it yet but hope I have more success than you did. We too are getting plenty of rain but fortunately it did sty dry whilst I had a new roof!

kiwikid said...

I so enjoy reading your Shez, I had a chuckle then a gasp when it came to reading about your Mum...boy it would have been embarrassing if you arrived at the Day clinic without her...imagine the announcement...child has lost mother!! lol!! Hope happier things are happening in the bat cave these days...boy your creek (burn sorry) came up fast!! The swan is lovely...did it get washed away?? I'm sure your partner will love her gift! Trying very very hard not to look at Quilty 365...have signed up for 4 challenges already for next year....mmmmmm....enjoy FNWF!

Ondrea said...

So good to see you back with your wonderful sense of humour that makes me crack up every time . I think I need to buy some Tenna and wear them when I read your posts. So pleased that your dear mum is okay. Those old huge cumbersome wheelchairs are so difficult to navigate. Glad my hubby has a titanium chair! LOve your fabric preps and the circle projects look interesting. Love your wildlife pic . Hope your weather improves. We have had odd weather here with a repeat cycle of a couple of hot days around 30 degrees C followed by a couple of cool days around 17 degrees C . Crazy! Rain, sun, heat and cold repeat. I hope you are okay and not getting too stressed. Enjoy your cat too, I miss mine.

audrey said...

I always enjoy your chatty posts so much. Glad your mom is okay though! What a scare! And really, don't correct her, just wait and see how people respond! Love that you're going to join in with the circles. We're getting quite a few to help keep us plodding along throughout the year. Sally's circles are fabulous! I can't believe how this works--everywhere I turn, people are stitching up amazingly creative circles! I must find a better fabric source. lol

Sparky said...

lovely photos and updates...your cat made me their antics

Yvonne W said...

I just adore reading your blog posts-- they always make me laugh. Glad to know your mum is OK and feeling much better. Happy sewing tonight (FnwFs).

Chookyblue...... said...

what calm swap making.......that gorgeous parcel as arrived at my place and the ornament is to die for........absolutely love it......
are the girls still sane/calm with you???

glad to hear your Mum is ok.......

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