Wednesday 23 March 2011

Did you spot the difference?

I didn't!   I got so carried away making my bag that I forgot to mention that I'd changed the fabric selection.

The accent colour is now blue rather than peachy pink.  No matter what colour it is I'm  really enjoying sewing this.....

It's coming along quite nicely.  The front and back are pieced and the applique has been Steam a Seamed onto the flap.  Just got to do some blanket stitch or zigzag the edges then I can start constructing the bag.  The blue fabric is going to be a thin piping along the top of the front pocket.

I haven't been neglecting my Vignette BOM either.   In fact it's been taking up a lot of my time given that I decided to start it again.... right from the beginning!    I love this project so much yet it's biting me on the bum at every opportunity.  I've come to the conclusion that I just love it too much.  I'm trying too hard to make it perfect and in the process I'm making nothing short of a mess of it!

Here's the second 'prototype' stitchery lurking behind my bag work....

No matter how hard I tried I just didn't seem to be able to get my stitches even on the linin fabric.  It was driving me nuts!    Last night I finally decided to throw in the towel and change background fabric. I've never worked with linen before and maybe that's why I was struggling.    Picked out a nice white with a teeny weeny dot... dry ironed on some Weaveline (my favourite) re traced the design and started stitching for the third time.   GREAT!!  It's working.  My stitches are back to normal.  Not perfect but they make me happy and that's good enough.

I'll show and tell on it soon.
I really wish I could sew faster.  At this rate I won't be able to pop my clogs until I'm at least 150 and that's assuming I don't start anything more.   Which is about as likely as a Squadron of Pigs doing a fly by.

While we're on the subject of new projects.....

My Homespun magazine arrived yesterday with yet another BOM inside.  I already have the fabric stashed ready.   Reckon a bad case of Start-i-tis is on the cards for me this weekend.

I'd love to be 'down under' at the weekend too.  For the Australian Grand Prix of course.  I'm a big F1 fan and a big fan of Mark Webber.   I'd love to be there but I'll have to settle for a lot of TV watching at strange times of the day/night.  Great opportunity to get some stitching done though.

Now.... I can't sign off without letting you see what my quilty pals have been up to.

First off..... Tilly who came to visit last week.

She did finish her sewing machine cover while she was here.  I think it's gorgeous.  She really is the most naturally neat sewer/quilter/stitcher you could ever want to pick the brains of!   And pick her brains I do at every possible opportunity.   So far she hasn't realised that any of them are missing... is that a bad sign?

Here's a closer look at her Stitchers Keeper too.....

Love it!!

Now it's time for Chris who came here yesterday with Sally.

Remember the Dissapearing Nine Patch she started piecing last week.  Well this is it as of yesterday.

It was worth pulling the still unfinished Picnic Quilt off the design wall to let Chris plan her layout.

This is the layout she settled on....

Someone once asked Chris what kind of quilts she made.  Before she could answer her husband chipped in
"Imaginary Ones"!!   Well there is nothing imaginary about this one.... Chris you're on a roll!

Can't show you any of Sallys work I'm afraid.  Her nickname around here is Sally Sleeps-a-Lot and that is exactly what she did.  She did wake up for coffee... lunch... cake  and the occasional chin wag but apart from that she was flat out on the recliner in the lounge.  She works too hard!

Heck.... you wouldn't think when I sat down here I hadn't a clue what to write.   I think there is a name for what I did just write..... verbal diarrhoea!!

Till next time......

Josie  X


happydaysquilting said...

Your bag is coming along nicely, I love the colours and the flower blocks. I can't wait to see it finished.

Wendy said...

Your bag looks gorgeous, really nice colours!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hear you on wanting "Vignette" to be perfect! I'm ripping seams left right and centre and haven't yet plucked up the courage to trace the stitcheries onto the linen because I know how shonky my tracing is. Anal, obsessive compulsive stitchers unite I say!!!

Q said...

verbal diarrhoea is the best kind lol :)

I thought yep, when I read about you being a compulsive unpicker in your blog profile, but you really are proving it aren't you? With all you perfectionists around I don't know what kind of influence I will get... I'm already feeling embarrassed about all the stuff I have finished so far and should have unpicked (at least once more)!

Now I am starting to panic about Vignette too! I still haven't got my Sweet Broderie fabric and threads yet, so I have been happily optimistic about it all

Will have to start fretting now
fret fret fret

Love the imaginary quilts comment!

Nicky said...

Hi Josie. Your stitching is lovely and you have some clever stitchy friends too by the look of your lovely pics. Thanks for visiting me(and for your very kind words.) I'm also not really loving the hanky linen that Vignette is stitched on, but I can't face the thought of starting again - you're much braver than me I think! Look forward to seeing your new My Town BOM too.